HabitatNet: A Global Biological Diversity Program

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HabitatNet: A Global Biodiversity Project

Students develop scientific "Habits of Mind" by learning science as science is done. Each student undertakes a specific biological research problem he/she develops and collaborates with other students, scientists, and conservation agencies on collecting and then analyzing the data. The individual student findings are then presented to a student peer review using a scientific poster session format, prior to writing the technical field report which is submitted to local, national, and international scientific conservation agencies. Thus far, over 500 students have participated in this project.


Using the Smithsonian Institution's Man and Biosphere (SI/MAB) permanent biodiversity research protocols, high school students have been collecting biological research data at field sites in New Hampshire and Mexico for the past five years. The overall goals of HabitatNet (A curriculum project authored & developed by D. Bisaccio in 1996) are to (1) develop conservation biological literacy in high school students by giving them an opportunity to learn field methods and applications while collecting and interpreting biological diversity data and (2) establish baseline biological diversity data at both HabitatNet field sites. Over five hundred high school students have been involved with this project. Annual field reports are written and submitted to the Smithsonian Institution, Amherst NH Conservation Committee, and the El Eden Ecological Reserve located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Field reports include twenty (20) meter by twenty (20) meter forest quadrat tree maps, vegetation analysis (tree species frequency, dominance values, and density statistics), invertebrate and vertebrate species lists. Additionally, concurrent student research projects compliment the basic biodiversity data that is collected using the SI/MAB protocols. Concurrent projects are designed by the students to conduct in the field and focus on an aspect of anthropogenic or "natural" disturbance regimes as they pertain to biological diversity.

Participants at El Eden Ecological Reserve:

October, 1995

Dan Bisaccio

Bags Brokaw

Matt Babineau

Becky Groves

Ben Haas

Dan Hogan

Laura Kott

Bridget O’Neil

Kyle Ridolfo

Kerry Silva

Patti Guptile

John Steman

July, 1996 (Teacher Institute)

Dan Bisaccio

Marie Doucet

Jon Manley

Mercedes Gilbert

Dan Gilbert

Dan Klein

Don Engelbert

Chandra Engelbert

Andy Chapman

Anne Clifton-Waite

Helen Melanson

Kate Melanson

Adam Coulter

Stuart Goldberg

Karen Cangialosi

April, 1997

Dan Bisaccio

Jan Wooding

Marie Doucet

Mollie Hogan

Lauren Plante

Rachel Reed

Jon Bartlett

Emily Earle

James Banghart

Steve Spiess

Matt Thibault

Mike Eaton

Beth Woodury

Marissa Lombardi

Brian Donovan

Lesli Schaub

Andy Aucoin

Kathy Morrow

Nick Kovaliv

Kim Pascoe

Torie Turpeau

Brandon Hider


July, 1997 (Teacher Institute)

Dan Bisaccio

Cathy O’Reilly

Dave Conaway

Judy Sadoski

Barry Draper

Laura Kott

Kyle Ridolfo

Andy Chapman

Sean Castro

John Steman

Amanda Miteer


March, 1998

Marie Doucet-Reed

Bobby Reed

Cathy Reon

Donna Duberville

Erica Baxter

Felisha Dunn

Jon Fontenot

David Foreman

Brandi Fruge

Somer George

Latonya Guillory

Fred Jones

Lance LaFleur

Brad LeBert

Jessica Leonard

Jennifer Morris

Hadley Prince

Chris Thibodeaux

Lee Zimmerman


April, 1998

Dan Bisaccio

Jen Zaidlicz

Ethan Moore

Jess Charpentier

Lisa Ericson

Mike Palmer

Matt Morely

Lindsey Batts

Zach Slapsys

Anna Rand

Lisa Barry

Kylah Riendeau

Val Karr

Aliza Hedges

Bridget Leddy

Carley Smith

Kyle Ridolfo


June, 1998

Dan Klein

Mike Cooper

Charles Dabritz

Marianne Ho

Elizabeth Jenkins

Rebecca Karb

Julie Kosteas

Catherine Macchi

Jeremy Ripin

Nathan Gulden

Kristen Catanzaro

Nathan Schreiber

Nancy Hall

Raymond Klein


July, 1998 (Teacher Institute)

Dan Bisaccio

Evie Hardiman

Sharon Parker

Patricia Tiley

Lana Hays

Gale Ligotti

Jessica Taylor

Doug Herman

Jim Serach

Lindsay Reynolds

John Short

Elizabeth Carvellas

Joslyn Homberg

Cynthea Strecker


January, 1999

Dan Bisaccio

Susie Carlisle

Margaret Lambert

Fredric Boericke

Christy Deysher

Brett Mayes

Courtney Gould

Erik White

Lisa Ferrari

Amy Verreault

Bonnie Miller

Scott Mohler

Jess Charpentier

Jim Fasoli

Emily Ginsberg

Sarah Kayser

Ben Day


July, 1999 (Teacher Institute)

Dan Bisaccio

Ben Day

Jess Charpentier

Janet Drew

Leonora Isaak

Dawn Schultz

Emily Ginsberg

Bruce Larson

Kathleen Bird

Courtney Gould

Sarah Káiser

Guy Tino

Margaret Lambert

Erik White

Brett Mayes

January, 2000

Dan Bisaccio

Kerry Bisaccio

Melissa Chapman

Sarah Hedges

Meghan Kirkwood

April Mauro

Jeff Apigian

Adam Winters

Kim Maas

Bim Krumhansl

Aileen Morrison

Kate Buchan

Sam Smith

Mary Brown

Nina Dearborn

Nick Warren

Kate Sheehan

Lauren Atkinson

Hillary Houck

Allison Willis


July, 2000

Dan Bisaccio

Ben Day

Paul Errickson

Rachel Nowell

Jessica Clarke

Michelle Thibodeau

Sara Morrow

Chris Wasson

Kathryn Levasseur

Bonnie Miller

Marnie MacLean

Beth Morehouse

Brian McFarland

Lauren Gleason

John Kostrzynski

Chris Daigle


January, 2001

Dan Bisaccio

Sarah Day

Aaron Miller

Noa Warren

Rheanna Cote

Beth Vachon

Doree Damoulakis

Megan Wegehoft

Kyle Enright

Val Giulianelli

Katie Szum

Greg Jackson

Chris Rogers


June, 2001

Dan Bisaccio

Marie Reed

Bobby Reed

Jacob Dunnehuo

Betsy Reed

Lee Zimmerman

Drew Zimmerman

Thomas Gayle

Andrew Johnson

Minh Lee

Romie Farokhkish

Will Onellion

Joey Lantz

Danny Tsang

Aaron Walker

Barbara Dupont

Brenda Kay


January, 2002

Dan Bisaccio

Melissa Chapman

Kelsi Worcester

Rachel Ronayne

Ryan Junius

Becca Wellington

Doug Swift

Emily Bielagus

Liz Stitt

Lori McIntosh

Margaret Ludt

Kimmy Perry

Gail Messamore

Marissa Locher

Eddie Morbey

Ben Pushee

Emilie Grossman

Samantha Allen

Stephanie Joubert

Taylor Flood

Julianne Kearney