Finally, we have been able to enter El Eden and do an inventory of the damages. Given the magnitude, time and trajectory of hurricane Wilma (the eye went through El Eden) the damages were not of the magnitude we expected. However, it did suffer major damages that will require resources and time to begin the reconstruction of the facilities.

The damages to the cabins were considerable. One was lost completely, a second suffered severe structural damage, and amazingly, the main cabin and observation tower resisted very well and will need only minor repairs. Our new construction (the "maya bunker") resisted very well and suffered minor problems. This building will be available to researchers in the next two weeks. Unfortunately our solar panel system was severely damaged and will need major repairs.

We want to thank all of our friends for their emails of support in this critical time. We want to ask for your support to create a fund for the reconstruction of El Eden. Any suggestions by institutions or persons that may help us will be appreciated.

Thanks to the recent award (from CONAP-SEMARNAT) that we recently received (75,000 pesos), we have been able to habilitate the access road to El Eden and develop minimum facilities to receive the group of scientists from UCR, UADY and HabitatNet in the fourth week of December.

The minimum estimated cost to bring back the station to a working condition will be $50,000.00 Dlls.  To bring the station to the same level as before we may need $ 100,000 Dlls.

We are actively seeking and applying for funds from several organizations in Mexico to help us in the reconstruction of our station.

If you wish to make a donation you can make a deposit to the following account:

USD Deposits

Reserva Ecológica el Edén, AC
No. de Cuenta: 9000888
Sucursal No: 845
No CLABE: 002691084590008880

Please receive our regards and our best wishes for the holidays and for 2006!

El Eden Ecological Reserve